Monday, June 13, 2005

In 'da Club

Last night I was out clubbing at the latest hot-spot, Poptartery when my best girl Ashlee ran up to tell me the latest gossip.
Apparently LLo wouldn’t let ASimp and JSimp into her party and crap like that; of course I had no idea because I’d arrived at LLo’s party early to put out various kinds of potato chips and Exlax.
As you can imagine I felt torn, these three ladies are some of my best friends; I don’t want to lose any of their friendships! If Jessica is mad at me who I’m gunna call up to do coke with? If Lohan won’t return my calls who am I gunna call up to take laxatives with? If Ashlee hates me we won’t be able to have our fun punk-jam sessions where we listen to early Avril Lavigne and Blink 182 and braid each other’s hair.
Horror of horrors, Lindsay arrived! Fearing they’d make me choose sides I told them I couldn’t possibly choose and that I’d have to leave, if they couldn’t make up like ladies. In the end it worked out, but not before some ugly moments were captured:
First Lindsay was all:

And then Ashlee was like:

Finally Jessica said:

And that pretty much ended it. We did a couple of tequila-shots off LLo’s clavicle and then decided coke is thicker than water. LoLz!


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