Wednesday, June 15, 2005

MTV Movie Awards...Fashion?

I realize that I am blatantly ripping off the Fug Girls, but I can’t help it, I’ve been making fun of fashion-mistakes since my sister’s first dance-recital with the garish-rouge and the hot-pink short-shorts. Hopefully, they will understand and not cut me.

Lovely dress, fine hair, but seriously the ORANGE must stop. What’s going on with these people? I see the Orange EVERYWHERE now, no one believes you were somewhere tropical, everyone knows you faked and baked. Stop before I peel you for Vitamin C.

To be honest I find the cut a little unflattering, but I don’t hate the pattern. But the bunching down the centre? Tell me who is that flattering on? NO ONE.

I’m not sure why Jessica Alba has always filled me with such eye-rolling venom, but she always has. This dress is made out of tissue-paper; she had to have known that a nip-slip was inevitable. I do NOT enjoy. Not to mention, what’s with all the layering? Is it bohemian? Or just tacky? I say tacky.

Pam, I have recently begun to respect you what with all the charitable work you do and the fact you seem like a devoted mom. But you look like a flasher. NO.

I’ve loved Michelle since her days on Buffy and I actually think she looks quite darling here. The flowers are a bit much though… And come to think of it the fabric looks like it might be made out of curtains… But in any even I appreciate the lack of fake-and-bakery.


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