Friday, July 08, 2005

a glimpse into my personal life

“Hey bitch, it’s me Fleshy… I haven’t seen you in awhile, whatchu been up to? … You got your hair did! Nice! Anything special? … stringy-blonde eh? Yeah, that’s not played-out or anything, very fresh and ‘with-it’… So listen, did you ever get that baggie of weed I sent you? Cuz last time I saw you, you were in dire need of the munchies … What the hell did I tell you about giving stuff to Kimberly Stewart? You know she just shoves shit up her nose, what a waste of my ganja, it’s not like it grows on trees you know … Fine …Oh, hey, congrats on being back on the simple life! But I thought you said you’d never speak to Paris again after you caught her trying to shove Twinkies down your throat while you were sleeping? … Oh, that’s nice … good … oh hell no, I stopped watching that crap-show after the first season, too contrived … no offense! Don’t be so sensitive … okay, good … *beeep* Hold on one sec, call-waiting ... Ugh, Fuck. Me. Hard. It's TCru again wanting to set up a playdate for me and KHo, apparently we have the same taste in Barbies ... I have to take this, try not to break a clavicle, bye bitch.”


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