Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bitter: a State of Being

Rock Snob and I don’t just slag celebrities, we hate everyone equally.

fleshburt: …she's a lesbian now

rock snob: I knew that
rock snob: with that Sandra or whomever

fleshburt: Yeah, its pretty much the first thing I mention when she’s brought up in conversation despite having told everyone a trillion times by now.

rock snob: oh, I’ve seen her making out with her lesbian friend on the dance floor several times.
rock snob: it's quite the sight

fleshburt: damn, I really wish I’d seen it

rock snob: it's not that great

fleshburt: I find her unconvincing as a lesbian, but maybe I’m bitter because I’ve been gayer longer and get less action.

rock snob: right, no budding

fleshburt: see, you feelz!
fleshburt: at least she wasn't a metro

rock snob: are there female metrosexuals?

fleshburt: my aunt didn't know what a metrosexual was this weekend and I was all "are you fucking kidding me?"
fleshburt: yeah, they're called tomboys though.

rock snob: ha!


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