Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"Hey, you have your period right? That's hot. Wanna chill sometime?"

It is my firmly held belief that every high school had that one guy who was suppose to have graduated a few years ago. This type of guy isn’t destined for anything big, but he is usually smart enough to realize that his peak is in high school and he will never be as important or popular ever again. So he chooses to hang around a few more years past his prime, to bathe in all that he was. This is usually the same guy who dated girls way too young for him that would one day blossom into lovely young ladies. Alas, at the time they’d just gotten their boobs and were willing to date this loser because it was the first time anyone had paid them any attention [I’m not speaking from personal experience or anything].

THIS is what Paris Hilton is starting to remind me of. You graduated high school a few years ago right? You’re now engaged right? Don’t you think its time to stop club-hopping with girls who are TOO YOUNG TO CLUB HOP? I mean seriously this whole faux-friendship reeks of Paris not being able to find anyone her own age to worship her so she’s started recruiting younger and younger adoring fans, I mean friends. This girl is like what 15? It wasn’t even cool to hang out with 15 year olds when I was 15. Jesus, let her discover herpes the old fashioned way. Paris, call me, I’m 20-something too, we can smoke pot and talk about how much life sucks, like everyone else our age.


Blogger Egan said...

You go get her Flesh. I didn't even realize she was alive any longer. Thanks for the wake up call.

4:24 PM  
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Blogger vivahate said...

If we get spammed again, Flesh, I swear to crap, I'm going to track these companies down and destroy them all with my death ray.

7:44 PM  
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Blogger swirlogirl said...

that poor impressionable young slut!

11:47 AM  
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