Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The plot thickens

[15:33] flesh: did you read about Katie Holmes on Socialite's Life?
[15:34] rock snob: No!
[15:34] rock snob: What do I need to read!
[15:34] flesh: Its fucking CREEEPY
[15:34] flesh: Its the very top story on the site
[15:34] rock snob: I read about how she wants to take an 18 month break to "Focus on her relationship"
[15:34] rock snob: ...which is just weird
[15:35] flesh: She went missing for 16 days
[15:35] rock snob: Whaaaaaaa?
[15:36] flesh: Its creeeeeeeeeepy
[15:36] rock snob: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh
[15:36] flesh: I KNOW
[15:36] rock snob: I KNEW IT ALL ALONG
[15:37] rock snob: HE'S EVIL
[15:37] rock snob: HE IS THE DEVIL
[15:37] rock snob: SOMEBODY STOP HIM NOW
[15:37] flesh: He kidnapped JOEY POTTER
[15:38] rock snob: I'm scared, Flesh
[15:39] flesh: No, I'm worried he'll hunt me down to de-ghey me and in 16 days I'll be marrying him or something
[15:40] rock snob: Ah!
[15:40] rock snob: Don't do it, man
[15:40] rock snob: PLEASE DON'T DO IT
[15:40] flesh: I'll try not to, but if the rock is big enough...
[15:40] rock snob: Sorry, I misread "rock" at first


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