Wednesday, August 17, 2005

This shit is B-A-N-A-N-A-S

rock snob says: I looked at Gwen Stefani's online website for her L.A.M.B. clothing line, her clothes are hideous. I want to know who wears this crap.
Flesh says: 13 year olds and trannies
Flesh says: Did you know that Gwen is the most common name chosen by trannsexuals because of Gwen Stefani?
Flesh says: I read it somewhere, I swear to all my gods
rock snob says: Seriously? I didn't know that they liked her so much.
Flesh says: Apparently they do
rock snob says: Is she a trannie?
rock snob says: Somehow I feel she could be
Flesh says: Oh she totally is


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Blogger n.v. said...

Who is this bitch kidding with 325 dollar skirts? Isn't her fan base a little poor of pocke to be able to afford the shit she's peddling? Stunned cunt.

9:17 PM  

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